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[CO]SMART2|P Farm Smarter2:Animal ProductionInformation
[PG] Farm SmarterThis course requires an enrolment key
[CO]2012|MAT2500|P|G2 Engineering Mathematics 3
[FG] 2012|72280|T2| Writing for Specific Purposes Family Group
Farm Smarter 1: Pasture Production
71110/510 Introduction to Law
[CO]2012|3308|P|S2 Advanced Sterilising Technology
[CO]2012|71353|B|S2 Project Management
[CO]2012|72271|B|S2 User Education and Reference Skills
[CO]2012|72396|P|S2 Environmental Perspectives & The Media
[CO]2012|71355|B|S2 Future Trends and Emerging Technologies
[CO]2012|72141|W|S1 Effective WritingInformation
Course examplesThis course requires an enrolment key
[FG] 2012|72280|T1| Writing for Specific Purposes
[CO]QM502|B Quality Improvement
[CO]2012|71214|B|S1 Law of Business Organisations
[CO]2012|75203|B|S1 Self in Society 2
[CO]2012|75202|B|S1 Learning, Development and Culture 2
[CO]2012|75200|B|S1 Research and Inquiry 2
[CO]2012|75103|B|S1 Tangata Whenua 1
[CO]2012|75105|B|S1 Professional Practice and Pedagogy 1
Wellbeing and Academic Success Research
[CO]2012|3309|P|S1 Staff Leadership
Graduate SurveyThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment key
[CO]2012|72175|B|S1 Principles of Records Management